LEIPZIGER Oberflächenveredelungs-
und Gießerei Service GmbH

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04249 Leipzig
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With the basic investment into our first dipping plant in Knautnaundorf close to Leipzig we have continuously extended our competences in the field of iron casting processing.

In 2007 a modern fettling shop has been inaugurated at the Leipzig location, consequentially we are equipped with one of the largest flexible capacities for the assembly preparation and refinement of casting parts within Germany. Based on the consequential development of our service offers in connection with our parent company LEIPZIGER Logistik & Lagerhaus GmbH we are a reliable partner for a continuously growing number of logistics, contracting and outsourcing requirements.


Foundation of the L.O.G.


Basic investment into the first dipping plant in Knautnaundorf close to Leipzig


Construction of a fettling shop with nine workplaces


New-built hall with 800 m² in order to extend the existing dipping plant; Establishment of control stations


Extension of the fettling shop to 1,200 m²


Installation of slewing cranes up to 1,000 kg


Installation of drilling machines for the drilling and thread-cutting of iron casting; Construction of an additional warehouse of 800 m² warehousing area


Construction of a spraying plant and set-up of a new overhead system; Construction of a blasting plant for iron casting


Construction of a fettling shop with 24 additional workplaces; Initial operation of a dust extraction plant with a handling performance of 100,000 m³ per hour


Purchasing of a heavy stacker up to 5 tons for the handling of blade adapters made out of iron casting


Specialisation on iron casting and installation of a new IT-program for the steering and control of production processes


Establishment of a two-shift operation in the fettling shop and dipping plant