Dog Kennels Construction

Planned by the architect and constructed by the carpenter

Dogs are faithful companions of humans. They give us joy, love and well-being. They determine parts of our spare-time. To keep this up those four-legged friends need care and devotion. This should start with a decent facility.

Many dogs live outside the house in a garden or backyard. To be weathered year-round they need a kennel.

The size of a kennel thereby plays an important role. On the one side it should offer sufficient space. On the other side it should not be too big so that the dog does not get cold. Its body temperature is not enough, to warm up an oversized room in such way that it is cosy inside.

By no means should the dog kennel be placed without a foundation on the ground or terrace floor. Our kennel is constructed in a way regarding that there is sufficient height above ground so no rising damp can get inside.

Following this as well as the dog keeping regulation we have set up our dog kennel in a way that it improves the life quality of your pet. Step in and see yourself of the quality of our product.

Take care of a perfect life condition and your dog will love you (even more)!


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