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19.05.2011 | 

Carriage Transport

Following the experiences of the past few weeks with regard to the cargo bay scarcity LLL has launched the project ‘carriage transport’. The warehouse locations Leipzig, Regensburg, Frankfurt/Main and Ettlingen were networked by rail. From the regional warehouses the food retail trade is serviced with beverages via local traffic. Before the upcoming holidays, the warehouses are filled by carriage. Direct transports were also already tested and were successful. 3 x 12 carriages will be leaving from Leipzig on a weekly basis in the future. Together with the combination transports, 20% of the total cargo volume shall be handled via rail in the future.

18.05.2011 | 

Number of employees

In the first quarter of 2011 more than 200 employees were employed in the group for the first time. The number of full-time staff accounted for 221 people. Hereof 105 drivers were deployed on the ro

26.07.2010 | 

The LLL Ettlingen orders additional long-distance traffic tractor trailers

The Leipziger Logistik & Lagerhaus Südwest (Ettlingen) orders at Autohaus Knirsch, Karlsruhe five additional long-distance traffic tractor trailers of the trademark Scania.
These are lowliners in order to also handle megatrailers. Consequentially the LLL Südwest will possess a nearly complete Scania-fleet.

In the Leipzig establishment one strives for a pure Volvo-fleet.

02.07.2010 | 

The LLL Leipzig orders at Schmitz Cargobull additional craneable semitrailers

The LLL Leipzig orders at Schmitz Cargobull, over the authorised dealer Kohrs Nutzfahrzeugvertrieb in 79291 Merdingen, five additional craneable semitrailers. Therefore the new order increases to a total of 31 trailers. Background for that is the continuing cargo bay scarcity and one tries to control the situation via increased own-name-transactions. Furthermore the Leipzig disposition’ has been strengthened by three managing clerks, thus eight managing clerks accommodate the customers’ needs.

Furthermore one goes back to a decentralised structure where each managing clerk is responsible for specific shippers. Therefore each managing clerk receives a minimum of 15 own trucks as well as a corresponding number of sub-contractors. In result a basic cargo bay is provided for each customer whereby the head of shipping takes on the all-embracing coordination.

Additional transport contracts with the Mitteldeutschen Erfrischungsgetränke GmbH and the company Pepsico have been agreed so the total transport volume 2010’ has been extended to more than 50,000 complete loads.

28.06.2010 | 

The first year of training as an inventory administration specialist has been completed

Five trainees from the Berufsbildungswerk Leipzig für Hör- und Sprachgeschädigte GmbH have reached the first year of training and now move on to another training firm in the second year of training.
We would like to thank the advisor Mrs Gudrun Amolsch as well Jennifer, Marco, Ronny, Felix and Steve for their commitment and their endeavours.

We wish you all the best for your future career.

15.06.2010 | 

The Leipziger Logistik in Leipzig orders 10 additional tractor-trailers at Volvo Truck Center Ost

The vehicles are equipped with a 510 HP strong engine as well as the fleet management system “DYNAFLEET OPERATE“. The driver’s cabs have been comfortably fitted for the drivers. A television, a refrigerator as well as a comprehensive audio system are intended at the ease of the drivers’ activities as well as the creation of the necessary relaxation during the resting times.

A part of those vehicles shall be deployed at the new branch in Rodgau. The company group consequentially drives into the business in autumn with 105 proprietary pulling units.

09.06.2010 | 

The LEIPZIGER Südwest replaces parts of its fleet with Scania trucks

16 tractor-trailers were ordered at the authorised dealer "Kraftverkehrsfahrzeuge GmbH Martin Knirsch, Karlsruhe".
The principal cause for that was the non-usage of AdBlue in Scania trucks, despite EURO 5 engines.
Furthermore there were unbridgeable differences with the previous supplier, the Daimler Corporation, in the field of offsetting transactions.

04.06.2010 | 

The LEIPZIGER Logistik Group will shortly establish another branch with a proprietary fleet

In Rodgau close to Frankfurt am Main a new branch is going to be established with a proprietary fleet and an 8,000 square meter warehouse area.

21.05.2010 | 

LEIPZIGER Logistik in Leipzig extends its fleet

Due to the cargo bay scarcity, 36 truck units have been newly ordered. Furthermore 26 craneable trailers have been ordered so as to increasingly taking part in the already existing combination transports. Delivered were in the main, tractors of the brand Volvo-truck.
The delivery has already started and will be completed by the end of June.
Therefore LEIPZIGER Logistik in Leipzig disposes over 95 proprietary pulling units and enhanced returns to the own-name-transaction.